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Rust API client for ory-kratos-client

This is the API specification for Ory Identities with features such as registration, login, recovery, account verification, profile settings, password reset, identity management, session management, email and sms delivery, and more.


This API client was generated by the OpenAPI Generator project. By using the openapi-spec from a remote server, you can easily generate an API client.

  • API version: v1.1.0
  • Package version: v1.1.0
  • Build package: org.openapitools.codegen.languages.RustClientCodegen


Put the package under your project folder in a directory named ory-kratos-client and add the following to Cargo.toml under [dependencies]:

ory-kratos-client = { path = "./ory-kratos-client" }

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to http://localhost

Class Method HTTP request Description
CourierApi get_courier_message GET /admin/courier/messages/{id} Get a Message
CourierApi list_courier_messages GET /admin/courier/messages List Messages
FrontendApi create_browser_login_flow GET /self-service/login/browser Create Login Flow for Browsers
FrontendApi create_browser_logout_flow GET /self-service/logout/browser Create a Logout URL for Browsers
FrontendApi create_browser_recovery_flow GET /self-service/recovery/browser Create Recovery Flow for Browsers
FrontendApi create_browser_registration_flow GET /self-service/registration/browser Create Registration Flow for Browsers
FrontendApi create_browser_settings_flow GET /self-service/settings/browser Create Settings Flow for Browsers
FrontendApi create_browser_verification_flow GET /self-service/verification/browser Create Verification Flow for Browser Clients
FrontendApi create_native_login_flow GET /self-service/login/api Create Login Flow for Native Apps
FrontendApi create_native_recovery_flow GET /self-service/recovery/api Create Recovery Flow for Native Apps
FrontendApi create_native_registration_flow GET /self-service/registration/api Create Registration Flow for Native Apps
FrontendApi create_native_settings_flow GET /self-service/settings/api Create Settings Flow for Native Apps
FrontendApi create_native_verification_flow GET /self-service/verification/api Create Verification Flow for Native Apps
FrontendApi disable_my_other_sessions DELETE /sessions Disable my other sessions
FrontendApi disable_my_session DELETE /sessions/{id} Disable one of my sessions
FrontendApi exchange_session_token GET /sessions/token-exchange Exchange Session Token
FrontendApi get_flow_error GET /self-service/errors Get User-Flow Errors
FrontendApi get_login_flow GET /self-service/login/flows Get Login Flow
FrontendApi get_recovery_flow GET /self-service/recovery/flows Get Recovery Flow
FrontendApi get_registration_flow GET /self-service/registration/flows Get Registration Flow
FrontendApi get_settings_flow GET /self-service/settings/flows Get Settings Flow
FrontendApi get_verification_flow GET /self-service/verification/flows Get Verification Flow
FrontendApi get_web_authn_java_script GET /.well-known/ory/webauthn.js Get WebAuthn JavaScript
FrontendApi list_my_sessions GET /sessions Get My Active Sessions
FrontendApi perform_native_logout DELETE /self-service/logout/api Perform Logout for Native Apps
FrontendApi to_session GET /sessions/whoami Check Who the Current HTTP Session Belongs To
FrontendApi update_login_flow POST /self-service/login Submit a Login Flow
FrontendApi update_logout_flow GET /self-service/logout Update Logout Flow
FrontendApi update_recovery_flow POST /self-service/recovery Update Recovery Flow
FrontendApi update_registration_flow POST /self-service/registration Update Registration Flow
FrontendApi update_settings_flow POST /self-service/settings Complete Settings Flow
FrontendApi update_verification_flow POST /self-service/verification Complete Verification Flow
IdentityApi batch_patch_identities PATCH /admin/identities Create and deletes multiple identities
IdentityApi create_identity POST /admin/identities Create an Identity
IdentityApi create_recovery_code_for_identity POST /admin/recovery/code Create a Recovery Code
IdentityApi create_recovery_link_for_identity POST /admin/recovery/link Create a Recovery Link
IdentityApi delete_identity DELETE /admin/identities/{id} Delete an Identity
IdentityApi delete_identity_credentials DELETE /admin/identities/{id}/credentials/{type} Delete a credential for a specific identity
IdentityApi delete_identity_sessions DELETE /admin/identities/{id}/sessions Delete & Invalidate an Identity's Sessions
IdentityApi disable_session DELETE /admin/sessions/{id} Deactivate a Session
IdentityApi extend_session PATCH /admin/sessions/{id}/extend Extend a Session
IdentityApi get_identity GET /admin/identities/{id} Get an Identity
IdentityApi get_identity_schema GET /schemas/{id} Get Identity JSON Schema
IdentityApi get_session GET /admin/sessions/{id} Get Session
IdentityApi list_identities GET /admin/identities List Identities
IdentityApi list_identity_schemas GET /schemas Get all Identity Schemas
IdentityApi list_identity_sessions GET /admin/identities/{id}/sessions List an Identity's Sessions
IdentityApi list_sessions GET /admin/sessions List All Sessions
IdentityApi patch_identity PATCH /admin/identities/{id} Patch an Identity
IdentityApi update_identity PUT /admin/identities/{id} Update an Identity
MetadataApi get_version GET /version Return Running Software Version.
MetadataApi is_alive GET /health/alive Check HTTP Server Status
MetadataApi is_ready GET /health/ready Check HTTP Server and Database Status

Documentation For Models

To get access to the crate's generated documentation, use:

cargo doc --open




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