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Thai Natural Language Processing library in Rust, with Python and Node bindings. Formerly oxidized-thainlp.


  • Thai word tokenizer
    • use maximal-matching dictionary-based tokenization algorithm and honor Thai Character Cluster boundaries
      • 2.5x faster than similar pure Python implementation (PyThaiNLP's newmm)
    • load a dictionary from a plain text file (one word per line) or from Vec<String>

Dictionary file

  • For the interest of library size, nlpO3 does not assume what dictionary the developer would like to use. It does not come with a dictionary. A dictionary is needed for the dictionary-based word tokenizer.
  • For tokenization dictionary, try


Command-line interface

echo "ฉันกินข้าว" | nlpo3 segment


from nlpo3 import load_dict, segment

load_dict("path/to/dict.file", "dict_name")
segment("สวัสดีครับ", "dict_name")

As Rust library


In Cargo.toml:

# ...
nlpo3 = "1.3.2"

Create a tokenizer using a dictionary from file, then use it to tokenize a string (safe mode = true, and parallel mode = false):

use nlpo3::tokenizer::newmm::NewmmTokenizer;
use nlpo3::tokenizer::tokenizer_trait::Tokenizer;

let tokenizer = NewmmTokenizer::new("path/to/dict.file");
let tokens = tokenizer.segment("ห้องสมุดประชาชน", true, false).unwrap();

Create a tokenizer using a dictionary from a vector of Strings:

let words = vec!["ปาลิเมนต์".to_string(), "คอนสติติวชั่น".to_string()];
let tokenizer = NewmmTokenizer::from_word_list(words);

Add words to an existing tokenizer:


Remove words from an existing tokenizer:

tokenizer.remove_word(&["กระเพรา", "ชานชลา"]);




Generic test:

cargo test

Build API document and open it to check:

cargo doc --open

Build (remove --release to keep debug information):

cargo build --release

Check target/ for build artifacts.

Development documents


Please report issues at https://github.com/PyThaiNLP/nlpo3/issues


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