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NLS: A language server for the Nickel configuration language

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1.4.1 Jan 25, 2024
1.3.0 Nov 16, 2023
1.1.1 Jul 10, 2023
0.2.1 Aug 5, 2022
0.1.0 Mar 9, 2022

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Nickel Language Server

The Nickel Language Server (NLS) is a language server for the Nickel programming language. NLS offers error messages, type hints, and auto-completion right in your favorite LSP-enabled editor.

NLS is a stand-alone binary. Once built, you must then configure you code editor to use it for Nickel source files. This document covers building NLS and using it in VSCode, (Neo)Vim and Emacs.

Formatting Capabilities

Warning: because the cargo registry (crates.io) requires that all dependencies of Nickel are published there as well, the format feature isn't enabled when installing nls with cargo install as of NLS version 1.3.0. In this case, to enable formatting in NLS, you have to make the topiary executable available in your PATH. Please follow Topiary's setup instructions and ensure in particular that the environment variable TOPIARY_LANGUAGE_DIR is correctly set (this is covered in the setup instructions).

Formatting in nls is currently based on Topiary, used as a library. No configuration or external dependencies are necessary.


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