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This is a re-implementation of Nix's remote build protocol. The main objectives are:

  • to express the protocol declaratively, as much as possible;
  • to document the protocol better than it has been so far;
  • to provide a library for tools making use of Nix remote builds.

So far, the library has been used to implement a nix remote proxy, which forwards commands to a real nix-daemon, while inspecting the commands and the responses. I believe that we have implemented all worker ops used in the current version of the nix protocol. (Nix itself supports more ops, but only for backwards-compatibility.)


To build the project and use nix to connect to it as remote, run:

cargo build
nix store ping --store 'ssh-ng://localhost?remote-program=/PATH/TO/nix-remote-rust/target/debug/nix-remote'


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