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bin+lib nestools

A set of Rust tools used to help make NES games, mostly used for tile compiling

9 stable releases

Uses old Rust 2015

1.3.1 Apr 22, 2018
1.2.2 Mar 21, 2018
1.1.2 Feb 21, 2018
0.1.0 Feb 13, 2018

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GPL-3.0 license

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A set of Rust tools used to help make NES games. The documentation is generated from the code, and can be found on the docs.rs page. Releases are in the github releases.


This is a set of relatively simple tools used to assist with the building of NES games. Currently, its only functionality is in managing sprite sheets.

All binaries are individually described in their own binary modules. The list of binary modules is namespaced for convenience.

To download releases, you can either use a standard cargo install, or you can visit the GitHub releases page. I'll do my best to support a standard set of targets, but I can't make strong guarantees, as I do all of my development on my Linux machine.


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