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https://crates.io/crates/naivebayes https://docs.rs/naivebayes/


A Naive Bayes classifier written in Rust.


Add to your Cargo.toml:

naivebayes = "0.1.1"


Add the crate and NaiveBayes to your code:

extern crate naivebayes;

use naivebayes::NaiveBayes;

Initialise the classifier and train it classifier by passing Vec<String> of tokens, along with a label:

let mut nb = NaiveBayes::new();
nb.train(&tokens, &label);

Use another set of tokens as Vec<String> to classify it:

let classification = nb.classify(&tokens_classify);
print!("classification = {:?}", classification);

Alternitavely, to prevent a potential calculation underflow with very small probabilities, the log_classify method can be used:

let classification = nb.log_classify(&tokens_classify);
print!("classification = {:?}", classification);

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