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Types and functions for efficiently and easily work with Morton indices

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morton-index - A Rust library for working with Morton indices

This library enables working with Morton indices in your Rust code. Morton indices provide a one-dimensional mapping for the nodes of an n-ary tree (quadtree in 2D, octree in 3D, and so on). Here are the key features of this library in a nutshell:

  • Morton indices for 2D and 3D (higher dimensions will be added in the future), providing the typical ordering of Morton indices. Sort a bunch of 2D Morton indices and you have a quadtree, do the same thing in 3D and you have an octree!
  • Simple creation of Morton indices from a range of cells (Quadrant in 2D, or Octant in 3D)
  • Conversions between Morton indices and indices within an N-dimensional grid. This can be used to easily calculate Morton indices for points within a bounding box
  • Converting Morton indices to strings with various naming schemes
  • Different storage types to precisely control how many levels a Morton index should have and how much memory it should take. Also define whether you need a Morton index with a dynamic number of levels or a fixed number of levels. Dynamic number of levels is also possible without dynamic allocations using the StaticStorage flavor!


// Create a Morton index with 8 bits of fixed-depth storage, so a fixed depth of 4
let mut fixed_index = FixedDepthMortonIndex2D8::try_from([
assert_eq!(4, fixed_index.depth());

// Access cells by their level
assert_eq!(Quadrant::One, fixed_index.get_cell_at_level(1));

// Or get an iterator over all cells, starting at the root of the quadtree
assert_eq!(Some(Quadrant::Three), fixed_index.cells().last());

// You can also create a Morton index from an index in a regular grid
    FixedDepthMortonIndex2D8::from_grid_index(Vector2::new(5, 3), QuadrantOrdering::XY),

For more examples, check out the examples folder.


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