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A batch of solidity contracts deployment tool implementation in Rust

1 unstable release

Uses new Rust 2021

0.1.2 Jun 30, 2022
0.1.1 Jun 29, 2022
0.1.0 Jun 29, 2022

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A batch of solidity contracts deployment tool developed by rust, support Ethereum and Celo and other evm-compatible chains.


Running this project and tests require the following installed:

solc (>=0.8.10). We also recommend using solc-select for more flexibility. anvil geth


Run the following command directly to install from crates.io.

cargo install morge

Installing from Source

cargo install --git https://github.com/yuliyu123/morge


Initialize morge to create config file under .morge directory:

morge init

Set rpc url and private key:

morge set --rpc-url $RPC_URL --private-key $PRI_KEY

Add any numbers of contracts that you want to deploy:

morge add -c examples/contract.sol:SimpleStorage --args "value"

Remove any contract that you want to delete:

morge remove -c examples/contract.sol:SimpleStorage

List configuration:

morge list

Start deploy:

morge deploy

Clear configuration:

morge clean

Verify transaction execution status by specify chainnet and transaction hash:

morge verify -c rinkeby -t 0xc6e08d3b5b1077f4662907fa547fab34bac033a0501655aca0b903057c118da8


First of all, thanks for contributing to this project! This project adheres to the Rust Code of Conduct. This code of conduct describes the minimum behavior expected from all contributors. All kinds of issues, features and PR is welcome.

Build & Test

build: cargo build

test: cargo test -- --test-threads=1


Memory optimization

Log optimization

Multi-threads async deploy contracts

Improving tests coverage

Calling deployed contract method

Supporting user-defined mainnet api key


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