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app rename-gru

A CLI tool to batch rename files in the provided directory

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0.9.1 Mar 11, 2024
0.8.2 Mar 9, 2024
0.4.1 Oct 22, 2023

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GRU : G Rename Utility

A CLI tool to batch rename files in the provided directory

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Key features

  • Backup file generated after every use
  • Avoids cycles
  • dry-run flag to preview changes
  • Detects and uses the correct padding for numbering
  • Ignore/Include hidden files
  • Random order
  • Target only one extension
  • Append CRC32 checksum in Hexadecimal at the end of each file name
  • Replace extension
  • Replace n or all occurrences of a string
  • Convert Unicode to ASCII representation
  • All the basic stuff like clear original names, numbering, add prefix, remove n first...
  • Linux and Windows are supported, it should also work on macOS, but I can't test


  • using cargo : cargo install rename-gru
  • or build from source git clone https://github.com/G1ya777/GRU && cd GRU then cargo build
  • on Arch Linux install from the AUR the package rename-gru-git

Usage examples

  • Example file tree
├── audios
│   ├── hit.mp3
│   ├── other.mp3
│   ├── song.mp3
│   └── test.mp3
├── images
│   ├── image.png
│   ├── img1.png
│   ├── img2.png
│   └── otherimg.png
├── other
│   ├── data
│   │   └── somefile
│   ├── file
│   └── video.mp4
└── videos
    ├── file1.mkv
    ├── file2.mkv
    ├── file.mkv
    └── other_video.mkv
  • rename-gru --clear --main-filename " - main - " --prefix "prefix" -suffix " - suffix" --numbering ./other
data -------> prefix - main - 1 - suffix
file -------> prefix - main - 2 - suffix
video.mp4 -------> prefix - main - 3 - suffix.mp4

  • rename video files, add tags at the end
    rename-gru ./videos --clear --prefix "MTVS" --numbering --suffix "[AWSMUploader] [1080P]""
file.mkv -------> MTVS1[AWSMUploader] [1080P].mkv
file1.mkv -------> MTVS2[AWSMUploader] [1080P].mkv
file2.mkv -------> MTVS3[AWSMUploader] [1080P].mkv
other_video.mkv -------> MTVS4[AWSMUploader] [1080P].mkv

  • rename background files, use random ordering
    rename-gru ./images --clear --prefix "bg" --numbering --sort-by 3
image.png -------> bg1.png
img2.png -------> bg2.png
otherimg.png -------> bg3.png
img1.png -------> bg4.png

  • keep title and add numbering at the start of the file
    rename-gru ./images --main-filename " - " -B --numbering -b --sort-by 3
image.png -------> 1 - image.png
otherimg.png -------> 2 - otherimg.png
img2.png -------> 3 - img2.png
img1.png -------> 4 - img1.png

  • rename .mp4 file only
    rename-gru ./other --clear --prefix "my_video" --numbering --sort-by 3 -t ".mp4"
video.mp4 -------> my_video1.mp4

  • rename folders only
    rename-gru ./other --only-folders -n
data -------> data1

  • append CRC32 checksum at the end of each filename
    rename-gru --crc ./videos
file.mkv -------> file [AA98C6D9].mkv
file1.mkv -------> file1 [26022818].mkv
file2.mkv -------> file2 [1B5BD171].mkv
other_video.mkv -------> other_video [23233DEC].mkv

  • restore original file names
    rename-gru ./videos --restore "./videos/grubcp-2023-10-22-18-17-23.json"


A CLI tool to batch rename files in the provided directory

Usage: rename-gru [OPTIONS] [LOCATION]

  [LOCATION]  location of the files to rename (defaults to the current location)

      --restore <RESTORE>
  -c, --clear
          use if you wanna clear the original titles and start naming from scratch (the extension will be kept)
  -p, --prefix <PREFIX>
          Prefix to add for the naming
  -s, --suffix <SUFFIX>
          Suffix to add for the naming
  -m, --main-filename <MAIN_FILENAME>
          add a main filename (when --clear isn't used it is added after the original filename)
          add the main filename before the original filename when --clear isn't used
  -n, --numbering
          Add numbering
      --pad <PAD>
          specify padding for numbering, use --no-pad to disable (defaults to number of digits of number of files - 1)
  -b, --before-main-name
          numbering position, can be before main_filename or after main_filename (default)
      --start <START>
          custom numbering start (default is 1)
          add crc32 checksum in hex at the end each  filename (folders won't be renamed if this option is used)
      --replace <Replace> <Replace_with>
          replace old String with a new one
  -e, --extension-replace-by <EXTENSION_REPLACE_BY>
          replace the extension of the original title of all files with a new one (eg: .mp3) (also use -t to target files with a certain extension)
      --sort-by <SORT_BY>
          how to sort files, default is 0 (by name), 1 is by modification date, 2 for date created, 3 for random
          set file sort to descending
          only modify files and don't modify folders
          only modify folders and don't modify files
  -f, --first-n-remove <FIRST_N_REMOVE>
          remove the first n characters from the original title
  -l, --last-n-remove <LAST_N_REMOVE>
          remove the last n characters from the original title
  -r, --remove-all <REMOVE_ALL>
          remove all occurrences of a string from the original title
      --remove-n <REMOVE_N>
          remove n occurrences of a string (defaults to 1) from the original title (use --times to specify the number)
      --times <TIMES>
          use with remove_n to specify a number of occurrences to remove
  -t, --target-extension <TARGET_EXTENSION>
          apply renaming only to files ending with provided extension (eg : .jpg)
          disable backing up the original filenames
          disable temporary renaming (used to avoid cycles)
          also rename hidden files (turn off by default)
          convert utf-8 to ascii
          use to preview file names, w/o writing
          perform rename w/o asking for y/n
  -h, --help
          Print help
  -V, --version
          Print version

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