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Libmodbus based server to test the rust modbus package

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Uses old Rust 2015

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Rust Modbus

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Modbus implementation in pure Rust.


Add modbus to your Cargo.toml dependencies:

modbus = "1.0"

Import the modbus crate and use it's functions:

use modbus::{Client, Coil};
use modbus::tcp;

let mut client = tcp::Transport::new("");

client.write_single_coil(1, Coil::On).unwrap();
client.write_single_coil(3, Coil::On).unwrap();

let res = client.read_coils(0, 5).unwrap();

// res ==  vec![Coil::Off, Coil::On, Coil::Off, Coil::On, Coil::Off];

See the documentation for usage examples and further reference and the examples directory for a commandline client application.


Copyright © 2015-2022 Falco Hirschenberger

Distributed under the MIT License.