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A simpler alternative to mdbook, meant for building book websites from Markdown files

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0.3.0 Dec 3, 2019
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0.1.0 Nov 28, 2019

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mkbook is my simpler alternative to mdbook which is a great tool, but for which I really dislike some of the decisions they took, such as relying on javascript for highlighting and navigation, and including a lot of bells and whistles such as javascript-based search.

This tool aims to work somewhat similarly to mdbook, but is generally intended to be a more minimal alternative that is customized more towards my needs and desires than anything else.

Still very WIP, but it can convert .md files into fancy-looking .html files, demo it by building the mkbook book by running: cargo run -- build -i docs-src -o docs and then serving the docs directory. Alternatively, view these generated docs here.


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