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Miden node RPC

The RPC is an externally-facing component through which clients can interact with the node. It receives client requests (e.g., to synchronize with the latest state of the chain, or to submit transactions), performs basic validation, and forwards the requests to the appropriate components. RPC is one of components of the Miden node.




Installing the RPC

The RPC can be installed and run as part of Miden node.


The RPC serves connections using the gRPC protocol on a port, set in the previously mentioned configuration file. Here is a brief description of supported methods.


Gets a list of proofs for given nullifier hashes, each proof as a sparse Merkle Trees


  • nullifiers: [Digest] – array of nullifier hashes.


  • proofs: [NullifierProof] – array of nullifier proofs, positions correspond to the ones in request.


Retrieves block header by given block number, optionally alongside a Merkle path and the current chain length to validate its inclusion.


  • block_num: uint32 (optional) – the block number of the target block. If not provided, the latest known block will be returned.


  • block_header: BlockHeader – block header.


Retrieves block data by given block number.


  • block_num: uint32 – the block number of the target block.


  • block: Block – block data encoded in Miden native format.


Returns a list of notes matching the provided note IDs.


  • note_ids: [NoteId] - list of IDs of the notes we want to query.


  • notes: [Note] - List of notes matching the list of requested NoteIds.


Returns the latest state of an account with the specified ID.


  • account_id: AccountId – account ID.


  • account: AccountInfo – latest state of the account. For public accounts, this will include full details describing the current account state. For private accounts, only the hash of the latest state and the time of the last update is returned.


Returns info which can be used by the client to sync up to the latest state of the chain for the objects (accounts, notes, nullifiers) the client is interested in.

This request returns the next block containing requested data. It also returns chain_tip which is the latest block number in the chain. Client is expected to repeat these requests in a loop until response.block_header.block_num == response.chain_tip, at which point the client is fully synchronized with the chain.

Each request also returns info about new notes, nullifiers etc. created. It also returns Chain MMR delta that can be used to update the state of Chain MMR. This includes both chain MMR peaks and chain MMR nodes.

For preserving some degree of privacy, note tags and nullifiers filters contain only high part of hashes. Thus, returned data contains excessive notes and nullifiers, client can make additional filtering of that data on its side.


  • block_num: uint32 – send updates to the client starting at this block.
  • account_ids: [AccountId] – accounts filter.
  • note_tags: [uint32] – note tags filter. Corresponds to the high 16 bits of the real values.
  • nullifiers: [uint32] – nullifiers filter. Corresponds to the high 16 bits of the real values.


  • chain_tip: uint32 – number of the latest block in the chain.
  • block_header: BlockHeader – block header of the block with the first note matching the specified criteria.
  • mmr_delta: MmrDelta – data needed to update the partial MMR from block_num + 1 to block_header.block_num.
  • accounts: [AccountSummary] – account summaries for accounts updated after block_num + 1 but not after block_header.block_num.
  • notes: [NoteSyncRecord] – a list of all notes together with the Merkle paths from block_header.note_root.
  • nullifiers: [NullifierUpdate] – a list of nullifiers created between block_num + 1 and block_header.block_num.


Submits proven transaction to the Miden network.


  • transaction: bytes - transaction encoded using Miden's native format.


This method doesn't return any data.


This project is MIT licensed.


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