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Miden Transaction

This crate contains tool for creating, executing, and proving Miden rollup transaction.


This crate exposes a few components to compile, run, and prove transactions.

The first requirement is to have a DataStore implementation. DataStore objects are responsible to load the data needed by the transactions executor, specially the account's code, the reference block data, and the note's inputs.

let store = DataStore:new();

Once a store is available, a TransactionExecutor object can be used to execute a transaction. Consuming a zero or more notes, and possibly calling some of the account's code.

let executor = TransactionExecutor::new(store);
let executed_transaction = executor.execute_transaction(account_id, block_ref, note_ids, tx_args);

With the transaction execution done, it is then possible to create a proof:

let prover = TransactionProver::new(ProvingOptions::default());
let proven_transaction = prover.prove_transaction(executed_transaction);

And to verify a proof:

let verifier = TransactionVerifier::new(SECURITY_LEVEL);


Features Description
std Enable usage of Rust's std, use --no-default-features for no-std support.
concurrent Enables concurrent code to speed up runtime execution.


This project is MIT licensed.


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