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Miden Objects

This crates contains core components defining the Miden rollup protocol.


Here is a broad overview of each module, with links to additional documentation.


Structures used to define accounts, including abstractions over its code, storage, and vault.



Structures used to define fungible and non-fungible assets. Accounts own assets and store them in their vaults.



Structures used to define a block. These objects contains authentication structures, merkle trees, used to represent the state of the rollup at a given point in time.


Structures used to define notes. Notes are messages that contain code and assets. They describe their own behavior and allow for interaction among accounts. Notes come in multiple flavors, refer to the docs for additional details.



Structures used to define Miden rollup transactions. Transactions describe changes to an account, and may include consumption and production of notes. The objects in this module allow for the representation of transactions at multiple stages of its lifecycle, from creation, to data aggregation, execution with trace collection, and finally an executed transaction with a corresponding STARK proof.



Description of this crate's feature:

Features Description
std Enable usage of Rust's std, use --no-default-features for no-std support.
concurrent Enables concurrent code to speed up runtime execution.
serde Enables serialization of most objects via serde.
testing Enables testing utilities and reduces proof-of-work requirements to speed up tests' runtimes.


This project is MIT licensed.


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