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Google cloud platform (GCP) authentication using default and custom service accounts

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GCP Auth

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GCP Auth is a simple, minimal authentication library for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) providing authentication using services accounts that are used to issues Bearer tokens that can be used to authenticate against GCP services.

Library implements two authenticatiom methods:

  • Default service accounts - can be used inside GCP
  • Custom service account - provided using environenment variable

Tokens should not be cached in the application and before every use a new token should be request. The GCP auth library decides if there is available token with appropriate scope or if a new token should be generated.

Default Service Account

When running inside GCP the library can be asked directly without any further configuration to provide a Bearer token for the current service account of the service.

let authentication_manager = gcp_auth::init().await?;
let token = authentication_manager.get_token().await?;

Custom Service Account

When running outside of GCP e.g on development laptop to allow finer granularity for permission a custom service account can be used. To use a custom service account a configuration file containing key has to be downloaded in IAM service for the service account you intend to use. The configuration file has to be available to the application at run time. The path to the configuration file is specified by GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS environment variable.

// GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS environtment variable is set-up
let authentication_manager = gcp_auth::init().await?;
let token = authentication_manager.get_token().await?;


Parts of implementatino have been sourced from yup-oauth2

Licensed under MIT license.


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