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app Malware_Rhapsody

Small researching of Linux's security for fun and education.. don't be silly to use it in wild. Have a great day, Dear Researcher/Scholar 💯❤️

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Project Malware Rhapsody.


Research Linux's security for fun and education.

How to use..

fish> cargo run -- -simplest-trap-fish

Now try run sudo..

fish> sudo echo "uttermost security"

You'll get..

[sudo] password for root:

Yeah, You're absolutely right ==>> Something has got utterly wrong.. if You enter Your password - You'll see that..

hey-ho, Dear Researcher, i am.. root

So, root gets hijacked from this point with very dumb trick. :)

Humble user erases root stuff..

bash> sudo mkdir /dev/shm/delIT
bash> cargo run -- -humble-user-del-root-stuff -num-thr >> Number of threads <<
the more threads the better. But Rust's runtime prevents too many ones. So, workaround is to run parallel instances of Malware Rhapsody. Actually, there can be three outcomes..

Root-owned folder will be deleted.
Hardware will be damaged with extreme overheating.

Ways to mitigate that threat are..

UNDERCLOCKING.. then other sub-methods become useful.
KILL processes w/ too much Power consumption ==>> rather useful too.

A little Remark..

This threat is major for any operating system, because it attacks hardware per se. Electrically unstable readings make possible to suppress security tokens/descriptors.


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