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Rust-LV2's wrapper of LV2's time types.

This crate binds some of the time-related URIs from the sys-crate to types and is a part of rust-lv2, a safe, fast, and ergonomic framework to create LV2 plugins for audio processing, written in Rust.


The original LV2 API (in the C programming language) is documented by "the LV2 book". This book is in the process of being translated to Rust along with the development of rust-lv2 (link) and describes how to properly use rust-lv2.


There are two optional features:

  • host: Some of the types defined by some crates are only useful for testing or LV2 hosts. Since the goal of this framework is to provide an easy way to create plugins, these aren't necessary and therefore gated behind that feature.
  • wmidi: Add wmidi as an optional dependency to lv2-midi, which enables a shortcut to read and write MIDI events directly with the types defined by this crate.


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