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Dotfiles manager + full system config + easy provisioning

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0.1.0 Aug 23, 2023

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Luxon will be a dotfiles manager with an emphasis on full-system configuration, easy one-liner installation and deployment, and templating and profile features for managing similar configs for different target systems.

You can get started with any of the following commands:

sh -c "$(curl -fsLS luxon.sh/i)" -- init $GIT_USERNAME
# OR
sh -c "$(curl -fsLS luxon.sh/i)" -- init $GIT_REMOTE_URL
# OR if you've never used luxon before
sh -c "$(curl -fsLS luxon.sh/i)" -- init

where $GIT_USERNAME is the username for GitHub, GitLab, or sourcehut (services are searched in that order). where $GIT_REMOTE_URL is the HTTPS or SSH remote for the desired dotfiles repository.


  • Templating
  • Scripting via hooks
  • Can manage more folders than just $HOME (including, but not limited to /etc)
  • Packaged for the AUR. Open to packaging for more distributions via PR.
  • Easy one-liner installation and deployment (install script will prefer package manager install)
  • Preserves file permissions
  • No external dependencies


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