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Toml Bombadil - A dotfile manager written in rust

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A dotfile manager written in Rust

  • Dotfile template: define your dotfiles templates and link them as needed.
  • Dotfile profiles: create profiles for different machines and situations and combine them on the flow.
  • Installation hooks: run custom commands before and after installing your dotfiles.
  • Gpg encryption: add encrypted secrets to your dotfile configuration with gpg.

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Why another dotfile manager ?

I wrote Toml Bombadil because I kept changing my desktop environment: switching from i3 to sway, from sway to xfce, from xfce to gnome and back to sway. When you keep changing your working environment like this you end up with several problems:

  • Some symlinks will end up orphans.
  • Not every program you use support Xresources and you will most probably have to manually edit some themes/config.
  • When starting a fresh installation you will very likely need to adapt your existing dotfiles to your new machine.
  • It is a mess.

Toml Bombadil try to solve this with a simple addition to the symlink method used by other tools: instead of creating a symlink from a dotfile to the actual config path of a program, it will create a copy of it and symlink the copy. This additional step allow to use your original dotfile as a template and inject variables in the copy. You can have multiple value files in the same dotfile repository and change color scheme, or any value on the fly.

In addition, this is completely optional, you could start using Toml Bombadil only to generate symlinks and templatize your dot file progressively.


Arch Linux:

pacman -S toml-bombadil


cargo install toml-bombadil


See Docs -> Quickstart.

Shell completions

Command line completion scripts for several popular shells can be generated by running bombadil generate-completions. An example for generating a completion script and outputting it to a file for zsh would be bombadil generate-completions zsh > <somewhere on your $fpath>/_bombadil. Available shells are: bash, elvish, fish, and zsh.


If you get lost you can use bombadil get {resource_name} to see what is currently configured. Available resources are dots, hooks, path, profiles, vars, secrets.

Optionally you can display resources for a profile with the --profiles flag.

Example repositories

If you use Bombadil please submit an issue, or a PR to update this section, we will be happy to reference your dotfiles here!


Found a bug, have a suggestion for a new feature? Please read the contribution guideline and submit an issue.


All the code in this repository is released under the MIT License, for more information take a look at the LICENSE file.


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