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Metaplex Token Metadata

The Token Metadata program is one of the most important programs when dealing with NFTs on the Solana blockchain. Its main goal is to attach additional data to Fungible or Non-Fungible Tokens on Solana.


From the root directory of the repository:

cargo build-bpf --bpf-out-dir ../../test-programs/

Testing (BPF)

From the root directory of the repository:

cargo test-bpf --bpf-out-dir ../../test-programs/

Testing (TypeScript)

Integration tests are available using Amman.

After building the program, go to the folder ../js and run:

yarn install

On a separate terminal, start Amman from the ../js folder:

yarn amman:start

Back to your main terminal on the ../js folder, run:

yarn build && yarn test


The Token Metadata Program's source is available on github


The on-chain Token Metadata program is written in Rust and available on crates.io as lpl-token-metadata and docs.rs.


Full docs for this program can be found here.


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