Cargo Features

lnpbp-invoice has no features set by default.

lnpbp-invoice = { version = "0.9.1", features = ["all", "cli", "serde", "rgb", "bolt11"] }
all = bolt11, rgb, serde
cli = base58, base64-compat, bech32, clap, serde, serde_json, serde_yaml, toml

Required by the invoice binary

serde all? cli? = serde_crate, serde_with

Enables serde of amplify ^3.13.0

Dependencies on other LNP/BP repositories

and serde of url

Internal data representations

and serde of bitcoin ^0.29.2, bp-core ^0.9.0, chrono, descriptor-wallet ^0.9.0, internet2, lnp-core, and miniscript ^9.0.0


Dependencies on core rust-bitcoin ecosystem projects ----------------------------------------------------

rgb all? = rgb-core

Enables serde of rgb-core ^0.9.0

bolt11 all? = lightning, lightning-invoice

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features. These features may have been created by mistake, and this functionality may be removed in the future.

rgb-core rgb?

Enables rgb-core ^0.9.0

lightning-invoice bolt11?

Enables lightning-invoice ^0.21.0

lightning bolt11?

Enables lightning ^0.0.113

base64-compat cli?

Enables base64-compat

Used by cli only

base58 cli?

Enables base58

Used by cli only

bech32 cli?

Enables bech32 ^0.9

Used by cli only

serde_crate serde?

Enables serde

serde_with serde?

Enables serde_with ^1.14

serde_json cli?

Enables serde_json

Used by cli only

serde_yaml cli?

Enables serde_yaml

Used by cli only

toml cli?

Enables toml ^0.5

Used by cli only

clap cli?

Enables clap ~3.2.23

Used by cli only