Cargo Features

descriptor-wallet has no features set by default.

descriptor-wallet = { version = "0.10.2", features = ["all", "mobile", "miniscript", "compiler", "electrum", "strict_encoding", "sign", "construct", "hot", "cli", "hwi", "keygen", "serde", "serde_crate", "serde_with"] }
all = cli, compiler, construct, electrum, hot, hwi, keygen, miniscript, mobile, serde, sign, strict_encoding
mobile all? = compiler, construct, electrum, hot, miniscript, strict_encoding
miniscript all? cli? compiler? mobile?

Enables miniscript of bitcoin_hd, miniscript_descriptors of bitcoin_onchain, miniscript of descriptors, psbt, and strict_encoding ^0.9.0

compiler all? mobile? = miniscript

Enables compiler of miniscript ^9.0.1

Required by the btc-expl binary

electrum all? cli? mobile? = electrum-client

Enables electrum of bitcoin_onchain

strict_encoding all? cli? mobile?

Enables strict_encoding of slip132

sign all? hot?

Enables sign of psbt

construct all? cli? mobile?

Enables construct of psbt

hot all? mobile? = aes, bip39, keygen, rpassword, sign

Required by the btc-hot binary

cli all? = clap, colored, construct, electrum, hwi, miniscript, miniscript_crate, serde, serde_yaml, strict_encoding, strict_encoding_crate

Enables base64 of bitcoin ^0.29.2

Required by btc-cold, btc-expl and btc-hot binaries

hwi all? cli? = bitcoin_hwi
keygen all? hot?

Enables rand of amplify ^3.14.2, bitcoin ^0.29.2, and descriptors

serde all? cli?

Enables serde of bitcoin_hd, bitcoin_onchain, descriptors, psbt, and slip132

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features. These features may have been created by mistake, and this functionality may be removed in the future.

strict_encoding_crate cli? miniscript?

Enables strict_encoding ^0.9.0

miniscript_crate cli? compiler?

Enables miniscript ^9.0.1

bitcoin_hwi hwi?
electrum-client electrum?

Enables electrum-client ^0.14.0

serde_crate implicit feature

Enables serde


A generic serialization/deserialization framework

serde_with implicit feature

Enables serde_with ^2.3


Custom de/serialization functions for Rust's serde

serde_yaml cli?
clap cli?
bip39 hot?
aes hot?
rpassword hot?
colored cli?