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lium - Abstraction Layer of ChromiumOS development

lium is an abstruction layer of ChromiumOS development environment and workflows.

It provides a simple interface for common tasks for ChromiumOS developers, with plenty of automatic error recovery mechanisms to avoid keep sticking your eyes on the display(s), give you some time for a nap and/or coffee, or other tasks ;)

Also, it manages local development hardware including DUTs and Servos, and act as working examples of commands to interact with them.

Build and install

Install the Rust toolchain and run:

make install

Bash completion

You can install the bash completion file by running this at any time:

lium setup bash-completion && source ~/.bash_completion

This will be done automatically after make install if your default shell is bash.

...are you using other shells? We appreciate your pull-requests!

Usage examples

Note: You can replace lium with cargo run -- to run your own modified version of lium.


# SSH into a DUT using testing_rsa
lium dut shell --dut ${DUT}

# Execute a shell command on a DUT
lium dut shell --dut ${DUT} -- uname -a

# Add a DUT to the list
lium dut list --add ${IP}

# Show the list of DUTs registered
lium dut list

# Check connection and remove DUTs that have reused IP addresses
lium dut list --update

# Show DUT info
lium dut info --dut ${DUT}

# Show specific DUT info (e.g. ipv6_addr)
lium dut info --dut ${DUT} ipv6_addr

# Scan DUTs on a remote network
lium dut discover --remote ${REMOTE} | tee /tmp/dut_discovered.json

Servo / Cr50

# Show list of Servo / Cr50 devices
lium servo list

# Do the same thing in JSON format
lium servo list --json


lium flash --repo ${CROS_DIR} --dut ${DUT}
lium flash --repo ${CROS_DIR} --board ${BOARD}


lium arc guest_kernel_uprev --repo /work/chromiumos_stable/
lium build --repo /work/chromiumos_stable --board brya --packages sys-kernel/arcvm-kernel-ack-5_10
lium build --full --repo /work/chromiumos_stable --board brya
lium config set default_cros_checkout /work/chromiumos_stable/
lium config show
lium deploy --repo /work/chromiumos_stable --dut localhost:2282 --package sys-kernel/arcvm-kernel-ack-5_10 --autologin
lium dut discover --remote kled_SOMESERIALNUMBERS1234 --v6prefix 2001:DB8::
sudo `which lium` servo reset
lium sync --repo /work/chromiumos_stable/ --version 14899.0.0
lium sync --repo /work/chromiumos_stable/ --version R110-15263.0.0
# following command needs a mirror repo which has cloned with --mirror option
lium sync --repo /work/chromiumos_versions/R110-15248.0.0/ --version R110-15248.0.0 --reference /work/chromiumos_mirror/
lium sync --repo /work/chromiumos_versions/R110-15248.0.0/ --version R110-15248.0.0 # you can omit --reference if the config is set

How to contribute

After making your change, please run:

make commit

to make a commit after running various checks.

Once your commit is ready, please file a pull request on GitHub, as described in CONTRIBUTING.md.

Happy hacking!


This is not an officially supported Google product.


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