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download and set desktop wallpaper from Konachan.net

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Program to download and set desktop wallpaper from Konachan.net.

The program download wallpapers to your local storage and can set them as wallpaper. This allow you to set new wallpaper even if your pc is temporary offline.


  • konachan-wallpaper download: download 200 wallpapers from konachan.net and save their path to a list (will override a existing list)
  • konachan-wallpaper set: set background to a random wallpaper from the list


You need to create a config.txt file. This file should include tags separated by space. Tags with does start with - will, be blacklisted. Wildcard are not supported. The file can be empty, at this case every image will be used. You can add as many tags, as you want. The limitation of the website does not matter.

Example config.txt:

hatsune_miku headphones -underwear

The program support only tags everything else like rating:s or order:score is not supported and leads to untested behavior. Current the rating save is hard coded.


The program is current in a very early stage and many thing are not supported or are hardcoded at the moment. Also the format of the config file will probably change multiple times. Current the rating save, the picture count 200 and the order latest is hard coded.

For information about supported OS/desktop environments see the more-wallpapers crate.


Current are no prebuild binaries available. You must build konachan-wallpaper by yourself. See below.


  • Install rust.

  • To build and install mstickereditor execute the following command:

cargo install --locked konachan-wallpaper

Check out rust doc for more information about cargo install.

  • You can uninstall rust now.


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