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KERIOX is an open source Rust implementation of the Key Event Receipt Infrastructure (KERI) , a system designed to provide a secure identifier-based trust spanning layer for any stack. The current version of the KERI paper can be found here.

KERI provides the same security and verifiability properties for transactions as a blockchain or distributed ledger can, without the overhead of requiring an absolute global ordering of transactions. Because of this, there is no need for a cannonical chain and thus there is no "KERI Chain" or "KERI Network". KERI Identifiers can be generated independantly in a self-sovereign and privacy-preserving manner and are secured via a self-certifying post-quantum resistant key management scheme based on blinded pre-rotation, auditable and flexible key events and a distributed conflict resolution algorithm called KAACE.


This implementation is still in an early stage. The planned outcomes of this effort are:

  • A Core Library for KERI logic and data structures
  • An Application which serves as a KERI "Agent" and can fulfill the roles described in the KAACE protocol


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