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A crate to assist in the creation of TUI text editors

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0.6.1 Aug 30, 2022
0.6.0 Aug 30, 2022
0.5.0 Jul 9, 2021
0.4.1 Jul 7, 2021
0.1.5 Jun 30, 2021

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A crate to assist in the creation of TUI text editors.

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Key Features

  • Buffers files to prevent hold ups when opening and saving your files
  • Unicode safe - supports double width characters on the terminal
  • Handles scrolling and cursor - No more janky cursor incrementing code
  • Dynamically handles formatting of files - Determines style on read, keeps that style on write
    • Unix and DOS line endings
    • Tabs & Spaces
  • Includes searching & replacing features
  • Line number formatting utility
  • File type recognition
  • Advanced moving abilities (by page, words, characters)
  • Includes undo & redo functionality
  • Lightweight - very few dependencies for quick compilation of your editor
  • Front-end agnostic - Feel free to use Crossterm or Termion or anything else!

How To Use

You'll need to have a modern Rust toolchain. Click here if you need that.

# If you already have a project set up, ignore this step
$ cargo new [app name]
$ cd [app name]

# Simplest way to add to your project is using cargo-edit
# You can also manually add it into your Cargo.toml if you wish
$ cargo install cargo-edit
$ cargo add kaolinite

# You should be ready to use the crate now!

If you require documentation, please consult https://docs.rs/kaolinite. You'll find detailed API explainations and examples.

Don't hesitate to contact me (see bottom of readme) if you require assistance.


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