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TUI plotting Kafka message input rates

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Kafka Table of Topics

A quick TUI for grasping the message ingestion rate in your topics. Run it in your k8s cluster:

kubectl run totop -i --tty --image=docker.io/liftm/kafka-totop -- -b $your_kafka_host:9092

This is not a Kafka swiss army knife like kcat, kaf, kcli or zoe. But it does one thing that those don't(?) do: display a graph of message throughput! screenshot

Of course, a proper cluster setup would have some kind of monitoring architecture that would give you this information (e.g. based on the prometheus/jmx_exporter). But when you're debugging, chances are you don't have a proper setup yet. ToTop is for those "one-off" situations: it pulls the necessary information from the normal Kafka listening port.

This repo is a spin-off of light-kafka-exporter.


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