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no-std rand_seeder

A universal random number seeder based on SipHash

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0.2.3 Feb 23, 2022
0.2.2 Dec 23, 2020
0.2.1 May 28, 2020
0.2.0 Nov 13, 2019
0.1.0 Oct 15, 2019

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A universal seeder based on SipHash.

This crate is designed for use with the rand crates, allowing any RNG supporting rand_core::SeedableRng to be seeded from any hashable value. It provides the following:

  • SipHasher is a portable implementation of SipHash-2-4. According to the authors, SipHash is a secure, fast and simple keyed hash function.
  • SipRng is a PRNG based on the SipHash state and mixing operations. It is statistically high-quality, passing practrand tests to at least 4 TiB.
  • SipHasher::into_rng() transitions a SipHasher into a SipRng, maintaining the full 256 bits of state. (This might break the hasher's security.)
  • Seeder is a convenience wrapper around the above (see example).

Seeding is designed to be fast, robust, flexible and portable. This library is intended for use in simulations and games, allowing e.g. any keyword to reproduce a simulation or procedurally generated world.

This library is not intended for cryptographic applications, and definitely not for password hashing.


use rand_core::RngCore;         // for next_u32
use rand_pcg::Pcg64;            // or whatever you like
use rand_seeder::Seeder;

let mut rng: Pcg64 = Seeder::from("stripy zebra").make_rng();
println!("First value: {}", rng.next_u32());


Rust version requirements

Requires rustc 1.32 or greater for the .to_le_bytes() method and for rand_core 0.5 compatibility.


rand_seeder is distributed under the terms of both the MIT license and the Apache License (Version 2.0).