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no-std wyhash

Rust implementation of the WyHash fast portable non-cryptographic hashing algorithm and random number generator

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wyhash fast portable non-cryptographic hashing algorithm

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Rust implementation of the wyhash algorithm by Wang Yi.

The hashing algorithm passes SMHasher and the random number generator passes BigCrush and practrand. As of now it is the fastest algorithm in the SMHasher benchmark (faster than t1ha and XXH3). See here.

Furthermore, this algorithm is solid, simple, portable (does not need hardware support, can be used in no_std environments) and has no dependencies (except the traits from rand_core).

The generated hashes are equal (see tests) as of the version stated here although the speed varies (PRs are welcome).


use wyhash::WyHash;
use std::hash::Hasher;

fn main() {
  let mut hasher = WyHash::with_seed(3);
  hasher.write(&[0, 1, 2]);
  assert_eq!(0xcc24_2106_e707_6a48, hasher.finish());

See further examples of the hasher and RNG in the documentation.


For questions, issues, feature requests, and other changes, please file an issue in the github project.

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