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JSON Schema hacking toolset

License: Apache-2.0 Crates.io Package Docs.rs API Docs Rust

This is all-in-one toolset for JSON Schema.


This tools allow you:

  • Search schemas by pattern on schemastore.org
  • Retrieve found schema from schemastore
  • Infer schema from data-sample to help start hacking it (thanks to infers-jsonschema)
  • [TODO] Optimize existing schema (thanks to jsonschema-equivalent)
  • Validate existing data using schema from file or from schemastore using one of supported validator


A rich set of features allows costomize this tool before build.

  • Support multiple JSON Schema validators (feature = "all-validators" enables all)
  • Support many input data formats (feature = "all-parsers" enables all)
    • Text formats (feature = "txt-parsers" enables all)
      • json (default)
      • json5 (feature = "json5")
      • yaml (feature = "yaml")
      • toml (feature = "toml")
      • ron (feature = "ron")
    • Binary formats (feature = "bin-parsers" enable all)
      • bson (feature = "bson")
      • cbor (feature = "cbor")
      • pickle (feature = "pickle")
  • Integration with schemastore.org (feature = "schemastore")
    • Adds search command which allows find schemas by patterns
    • Adds retrieve command which download schema from store
  • An infer command which can help infer JSON Schema from data (feature = "infers")

Validators comparison

Validator Pros Cons
valico Meaningful error reports Slow validation
jsonschema Fast validation Obscure error reports


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