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jiggle - A Tiny Program to Jiggle Your Mouse

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jiggle - A Tiny Program to Jiggle Your Mouse

Tired of keeping your laptop unlocked while you do your boring job, where you have nothing to do? Tired of your manager telling you that you went "away" for far too long? Worry no longer! jiggle is here to empower you to do other things when you're "working" from home!

Jokes apart, jiggle is a tiny program to help you keep your laptop awake when you don't want the screen to suspend. This is very useful when you're keeping an eye on a dashboard perhaps, or you want to somehow keep your system unlocked for some reason.


Run jiggle to run this command every 10 seconds. If you'd like to adjust the time setting, you can use jiggle <SECONDS>, such as jiggle 60 to run the command every 60s.

What Jiggle does is it moves your mouse a tiny bit every few seconds. That's enough to keep your computer from sleeping.


Download the binary from the releases, and run the command whenever you want.

Note that you should install libxdo-dev, xdotool, or libxdo-devel if you're trying to build this using cargo on Linux.

This should work on MacOs, Windows and Linux.

Raise issues here.


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