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High level binding for Janet programming language

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A crate with high level bindings to Janet C API.


Provide a safe and ergonomic interface to the Janet C API to create Janet clients and Janet modules/libraries using Rust.

This project still are in it's early stages, so breaking changes may happen, there is no minimal supported Rust version (MSRV) yet.

Notice that most doc tests will fail if the feature "almagation" or "link-system" aren't set, because most of then need it for the Janet runtime to function properly.

Cargo Features

  • std: Enable some trait impl for types that only exist on the std and the Error trait
  • unicode: Enable more methods for JanetString and JanetBuffer
  • inline-more: More aggressive inlining
  • amalgation: Link the Janet runtime to the package, enabling to use the client module
  • system: Use system header to get Janet functions
  • link-system: Link the Janet runtime to the package from the system, enabling to use the client module


This software is licensed under the terms of the MIT Public License.

TODO: Types: Lacking or Incomplete

  • [I] JanetAbstract
  • JanetCFunction
  • [I] JanetFiber
  • [I] JanetFunction
  • JanetPointer
  • Janet Typed Array
  • GC functions

[ ]: Lacking [I]: Incomplete [X]: Done

Probably there is much more missing, for that you can use the lowlevel module to access the raw C API of Janet

TODO: Lib level

  • Better docs.
  • We still don't know exactly how Janet panics would work on Rust, so we need to explore that and document it


  • Calvin Rose for creating this amazing language called Janet
  • andrewchambers for janet_ll crate and discuss with us some ideas for the abstractions of this crate


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