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Coreutils Core

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It's a library used by this implementation of coreutils in Rust programming language.

Think of it as a crate to create coreutils tools.

Here lies several abstraction for Unix/Unix-like structures in the OS supported by the project.

  • Backup module that handles creating backups
  • Input module to get user confirmation
  • mktemp: Wrappers for libc mkstemp(3) and mkdtemp(3)
  • mkfifo: Wrapper for libc mkfifo(3) and maybe expandable for other FIFO related functions
  • OS module with abstractions for more os specific stuff
    • Audit structs and syscall for FreeBSD and MacOS
    • group: Module with structures and methods to handle groups information
    • load: Safe abstraction to system function to get load of the system
    • login_name: Safe abstractions to system function to get caller login name
    • passwd: Module that holds structures and methods to handle system user information
    • process: Safe abstraction related to process handling
    • routing_table: Routing table abstractions for OpenBSD
    • time: OS functions to handle system time (set system time)
    • tty: Abstractions to check if a FileDescriptor is a TTY and ways to get the TTY name
    • utmp and utmpx: Types representing account database on unix and methods to use them
    • utsname: Types to aquire system information

It also re-export major needed things from bstr, a crate with a string type for Rust that is not required to be valid UTF-8, as well as time and libc


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