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no-std iterator_ilp

Iterator extensions for instruction-parallel reductions

16 stable releases

2.1.2 Apr 5, 2024
2.1.1 Apr 4, 2024
2.0.6 Nov 8, 2023
2.0.5 Oct 22, 2023
1.0.5 Mar 4, 2023

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MPL-2.0 license

680 lines

IteratorILP: instruction-parallel iterator reductions

MPLv2 licensed On crates.io On docs.rs Continuous Integration Requires rustc 1.71.0+

Ever wondered why iterator reduction methods like sum() perform badly on floating-point data, or why nontrivial search methods like any() do not generate efficient code on iterators with side-effects? You've come to the right place!

You can read the full story and how this crate lets you solve the problem in the docs.rs documentation.