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Customisable wlroots/sway bar

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Ironbar is a customisable and feature-rich bar targeting the Sway compositor, written in Rust. It uses GTK3 and gtk-layer-shell.

The bar can be styled to your liking using CSS and hot-loads style changes. For information and examples on styling please see the wiki.

Screenshot of fully configured bar with MPD widget open


Run using ironbar.


cargo install ironbar


Arch Linux

yay -S ironbar-git

aur package


git clone https://github.com/jakestanger/ironbar.git
cd ironbar
cargo build --release
# change path to wherever you want to install
install target/release/ironbar ~/.local/bin/ironbar



Ironbar gives a lot of flexibility when configuring, including multiple file formats and options for scaling complexity: you can use a single config across all monitors, or configure different/multiple bars per monitor.

A full configuration guide can be found here.


To get started, create a stylesheet at .config/ironbar/style.css. Changes will be hot-reloaded every time you save the file.

A full styling guide can be found here.

Project Status

This project is in alpha, but should be usable. Everything that is implemented works and should be documented. Proper error handling is in place so things should either fail gracefully with detail, or not fail at all.

There is currently room for lots more modules, and lots more configuration options for the existing modules. The current configuration schema is not set in stone and breaking changes could come along at any point; until the project matures I am more interested in ease of use than backwards compatibility.

A few bugs do exist, and I am sure there are plenty more to be found.

The project will be actively developed as I am using it on my daily driver. Bugs will be fixed, features will be added, code will be refactored.

Contribution Guidelines

Please check here.


  • Waybar - A lot of the initial inspiration, and a pretty great bar.
  • Rustbar - Served as a good demo for writing a basic GTK bar in Rust


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