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Dynamic output configuration tool for Wayland compositors

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0.2.0 Apr 29, 2023
0.1.2 Apr 29, 2023
0.1.1 Apr 29, 2023
0.1.0 Feb 10, 2023

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A dynamic output configuration tool that automatically detects and configures connected outputs based on a set of profiles.

Each profile specifies a set of outputs with additional parameters (e.g., mode). A profile will be applied automatically if all specified outputs and modes can be perfectly matched to the currently connected outputs and their capabilities.

This is a Wayland equivalent for tools like autorandr. It aims to fully replace kanshi and add new features. shikane works with Wayland compositors supporting version 3 of the wlr-output-management protocol (e.g., compositors using wlroots v0.16).


feature kanshi shikane
configure output properties: resolution, refresh rate, position, scaling, transformation yes yes
configure adaptive sync no yes
execute commands yes yes
output names are supplied to executed commands no yes
full cardinality matching algorithm no yes
regex based output matching no yes
state machine defined execution no yes
one-shot mode no yes


Via your $AURhelper from the AUR:

$AURhelper -S shikane

Via cargo from crates.io (without man pages):

cargo install shikane


Documentation is provided as man pages:

man 1 shikane
man 5 shikane


  1. Create your configuration file. See configuration for a short overview or have a look at the man page man 5 shikane for more detailed information.
  2. Start shikane.



  • a rust toolchain >=1.60
  • pandoc (for building the man pages)

Building shikane:

cargo build --release

Building the man pages:

./scripts/build-docs.sh man

man -l build/shikane.1.gz
man -l build/shikane.5.gz


shikane uses the TOML file format for its configuration file and contains an array of profiles. Each profile is a table containing an array of output tables. The configuration file should be placed at $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/shikane/config.toml.

name = "dual_foo"
exec = ["notify-send shikane \"Profile $SHIKANE_PROFILE_NAME has been applied\""]
    match = "Company Foo"
    enable = true
    mode = { width = 1920, height = 1080, refresh = 50 }
    position = { x = 0, y = 0 }
    scale = 1.3

    match = "/HDMI-[ABC]-[1-9]/"
    enable = true
    exec = ["echo This is output $SHIKANE_OUTPUT_NAME"]
    mode = { width = 2560, height = 1440, refresh = 75 }
    position = { x = 1920, y = 0 }
    transform = "270"


  • kanshi being the inspiration and motivation
  • wayland-rs providing the wayland bindings




~232K SLoC