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A simple and customizable file dialog for imgui-rs written entirely in Rust

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0.1.0 May 7, 2023

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Rust-only file dialog for ImGui

NOTE: This crate is still a work in progress. Some functionality is still not implemented.
This crate offers a 100% Rust file dialog for ImGui. I created this library as there are basically no other solutions for this matter. While this crate primarily targets [imgui-rs](https://crates.io/crates/imgui/), it should be possible to port it to C++ with a some modifications. This may be important for projects striving for 100% safety.


  • Lightweight and simple file dialog with embedded file browser
  • Compatible with imgui-rs >= 0.11.0
  • No extra dependencies


Basic usage:

use imfile::FileDialog;

fn main() -> {
    // set up your imgui::Ui here

    // This returns None if no file was selected
    if let Some(file) = FileDialog::new()
        .for_save() // Default is open
        .title("Title") // Default is "Open File" or "Save file" depending on the dialog type
        .accept_text("Open file") // Default is open
        .dir_only() // Only allow directories instead of files
        .spawn(&ui); // Create the dialog using the imgui::Ui
        println!("File chosen: {}", file.display());
    } else {
        println!("No file selected.");


  • Add icons for the widgets
  • Add file filters
  • Set side panel navigator (eg. Disk, Recents, ...)


The crate is licensed under the MIT license.


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