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Dropdown creator for Hyprland, facilitating the toggling of a terminal emulator across various workspaces for seamless access and organization

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Rust implementation of hdrop.




Clone the repository and build:

git clone https://github.com/kjlo/hyprdrop
cd hyprdrop
cargo install --path .

This will create a binary in your $HOME/.cargo/bin. You must verify that this address it's in your $PATH.


The preferred way to use it's by adding this as bindings to your Hyprland config:

# Template
bind = $mainMod, [KEY], exec, hyprdrop [TERMINAL] -i [CHOOSEN_IDENTIFIER]
# Example
bind = $mainMod, U, exec, hyprdrop alacritty -i alacritty_hyprdrop


The argument identifier must be a unique name if you want to use as a separate application with special window rules.

Additionally, if you want to launch a TUI application:

# Template
bind = $mainMod, [KEY], exec, hyprdrop [TERMINAL] --identifier=[CHOOSEN_IDENTIFIER] --args=[TUI_CMD_AND_ARGS]
# Example
bind = $mainMod, I, exec, hyprdrop alacritty --identifier=bottom_hyprdrop --args=btm,-b


Check that for TUI applications it's not required to type the -e flag that most terminal emulators use when executing a command, this is implemented by Hyprdrop itself.

To launch Spotify:

# Template
bind = $mainMod, [KEY], exec, hyprdrop [GUI_APP] --identifier=[CHOOSEN_IDENTIFIER] --args=[GUI_APP_ARGS] --env=[ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLE]
# Example
bind = $mainMod, code:47, exec, hyprdrop spotify --identifier="Spotify Free" --args="--enable-features=UseOzonePlatform\,WaylandWindowDecorations,--ozone-platform=wayland" --env="LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/spotify-adblock.so"


Hyprdrop transform comma-separated values into space-separated values by default. If you want to ignore some value you must add the prefix \.


Spotify's class or title cannot be modified by the user so Hyprdrop uses the default initial_title to identify the app, in my case is Spotify Free.

You can check the hyprdrop --help command to see all the available options.


Hyprdrop was initially designed with TUI applications in mind. Theoretically, it should work with any GUI application or TUI application not fully supported (you are obligated to use the original class/title to identify the window).

Supported Terminal Emulators

Fully Supported

The following list shows which terminal emulators are fully supported by Hyprdrop, this means you can run every TUI application with this terminals and apply window rules.

Terminal Supported Window Identifier (for Hyprland Config)
Alacritty yes class
Kitty yes class
Wezterm yes class
Gnome Terminal yes title
Foot yes title
Konsole yes[^1] title
Rio no -
  • This list is compiled based on testing conducted on those apps.

Partially Supported

Terminal Caveats
Spotify Unable to apply window rules
  • This list is compiled based on testing conducted on those apps.

[^1]: To apply window rules for Konsole you need to use a partial pattern matching because Konsole modify the title of the window to something like this: [ASSIGNED_IDENTIFIER_BY_USER] — Konsole. So you must create a window rule with this syntax: windowrule = [RULE], title:^[ASSIGNED_IDENTIFIER_BY_USER] — Konsole$ or simply windowrule = [RULE], title:^[ASSIGNED_TITLE_BY_USER]


The identifier is needed by Hyprdrop to identify the dropped window and by Hyprland to apply window rules.

Window Rules

For better experience you can add some window rules to your Hyprland config. This could create a centered floating window with defined size.

windowrulev2 = float, class:^(alacritty_hyprdrop)$
windowrulev2 = center, class:^(alacritty_hyprdrop)$
windowrulev2 = size 1460 810, class:^(alacritty_hyprdrop)$
windowrulev2 = float, title:^(foot_hyprdrop)$
windowrulev2 = float, title:^(gnome-terminal_hyprdrop)

And some additional rules for TUI apps which is the same as above:

windowrulev2 = float, class:^(bottom_hyprdrop)$
windowrulev2 = center, class:^(bottom_hyprdrop)$
windowrulev2 = size 1460 810, class:^(bottom_hyprdrop)$


  • This project is not affiliated with Hyprland or hdrop.
  • This project is in its early stages so it may not work as expected.
  • I'm not a programmer so I don't know how to write good code.


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