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A Rust API for Hypothesis


A lightweight wrapper and CLI for the Hypothesis Web API v1.0.0. It includes all APIKey authorized endpoints related to

  • annotations (create / update / delete / search / fetch / flag),
  • groups (create / update / list / fetch / leave / members)
  • profile (user information / groups)

Installation and Usage


You'll need a Hypothesis account, and a personal API token obtained as described here. Set the environment variables $HYPOTHESIS_NAME and $HYPOTHESIS_KEY to your username and the developer API key respectively.

As a command-line utility:

cargo install hypothesis

Run hypothesis --help to see subcommands and options. NOTE: the CLI doesn't currently have all the capabilities of the Rust crate, specifically bulk actions and updating dates are not supported.

Generate shell completions:

hypothesis complete zsh > .oh-my-zsh/completions/_hypothesis
exec zsh

As a Rust crate

Add to your Cargo.toml:

hypothesis = {version = "0.4.0", default-features = false}
tokio = { version = "0.2", features = ["macros"] }


use hypothesis::Hypothesis;
use hypothesis::annotations::{InputAnnotation, Target, Selector};

async fn main() -> Result<(), hypothesis::errors::HypothesisError> {
    let api = Hypothesis::from_env()?;
    let new_annotation = InputAnnotation::builder()
            .text("this is a comment")
               .selector(vec![Selector::new_quote("exact text in website to highlight",
                                                  "prefix of text",
                                                  "suffix of text")])
           .tags(vec!["tag1".to_string(), "tag2".to_string()])

See the documentation of the API struct (Hypothesis) for a list of possible queries. Use bulk functions to perform multiple actions - e.g. api.fetch_annotations instead of a loop around api.fetch_annotation.

Check the documentation for more usage examples.




Make sure you have a .env file (added to .gitignore) in the repo root with HYPOTHESIS_NAME, HYPOTHESIS_KEY, and TEST_GROUP_ID

Caveats / Todo:

  • Only supports APIKey authorization and hypothes.is authority (i.e. single users).
  • Target.selector.RangeSelector doesn't seem to follow W3C standards. It's just a hashmap for now.
  • Annotation hypermedia links are stored as a hashmap, b/c I don't know all the possible values.
  • Need to figure out how Document works to properly document it (hah).
  • Can't delete a group after making it, can leave it though (maybe it's the same thing?)
  • No idea what UserProfile.preferences and UserProfile.features mean.
  • CLI just dumps output as JSON, this is fine right? Fancier CLIs can build on top of this (or use the crate directly)


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