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app hybrid-bar

A simple status bar made for wlroots compositors

2 releases

0.4.9 Mar 6, 2023
0.4.8 Mar 4, 2023
0.4.7 Mar 3, 2023

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Hybrid Bar

A simple status bar focused on wlroots Wayland compositors


With blur through Hyprland. image

The bottom bar is also made with Hybrid.

What does it support?

It supports:

  • Straight-forward configuration;
  • Labels with shell commands (+ listen support);
  • Spacings (a.k.a. Separators if styled);
  • Boxes with child widgets;
  • Custom update-rate for dynamic labels;
  • Cava;
  • Buttons with shell commands;
  • Tooltips for buttons and labels;
  • Markup for buttons and labels;
  • Top and Bottom pinning;
  • Transparency (+ blur if your compositor allows for blurring surface layers);
  • Experimental system tray via stray;
  • Different monitors for each configuration

I have no config

If you installed outside the AUR, copy the example from examples/config.json into ~/.config/HybridBar/.

Does it only work on wlroots Compositors?

Nope, it's been tested on KDE as well and it worked just fine.

It just won't work on GNOME as it hasn't implemented the wlr-layer-shell protocol.

Config Layout

I'm assuming you are familiar with JSON. If you aren't, well too bad.

Base Setup

Before you can use the bar, you have to adjust the color and alpha.

RGB Colors are 0-255 as a 32-bit integer, Alpha is 0.0-1.0 as a 32-bit float.

Here's an example:

    "hybrid": {
        "namespace": "hybrid-bar",
        "r": 10,
        "g": 10,
        "b": 10,
        "a": 0.5

CSS Support

CSS is supported and you can make it auto-load on startup by making a style.css file next to your config.json on the same path.

If you want a sample CSS which has good defaults, check examples/style.css.

Environment Variables

HYBRID_LOG = 1 : Logs Hybrid output to stdout.

HYBRID_CONFIG = name.json : Locates the config inside the HybridBar config path, then uses it for the rest of the bars session.

Background Updates

Hybrid automatically performs background updates for dynamic labels/tooltips and Cava widgets.

The rate for updating labels is read from the labels update_rate key (u64).

It's worth noting that low update-rates may lead to performance decreases, the value specified is in milliseconds.

Build dependencies

  1. rust
  2. gtk-layer-shell
  3. gtk3
  4. a compositor that supports layer-shells
    • This excludes GNOME. KDE, Hyprland and Sway have been confirmed working.


Arch Linux: yay/paru -S hybrid-bar

Other distros: cargo install hybrid-bar


  1. git clone https://github.com/vars1ty/HybridBar
  2. cd HybridBar
  3. cargo build --release
  4. cd target/release
  5. Done, the executable is called hybrid-bar.


~766K SLoC