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handy: handles and handle maps.

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handy provides handles and handle maps for rust code. This is a fairly useful data structure for rust code, since it can help you work around borrow checker issues.

Essentially, Handle and HandleMap are a more robust version of the pattern where instead of storing a reference to a &T directly, you instead store a usize which indicates where it is in some Vec. I claim they're more robust because:

  • They can detect if you try to use a handle in a map other than the one that provided it.

  • If you remove an item from the HandleMap, the handle map won't let you use the stale handle to get whatever value happens to be in that slot at the time.

Similar crates

There are a whole bunch.

  • slotmap: Same idea as this, but it requires T: Copy (there's a way around this but it's a pain IMO). Has a system for defining handles for use in specific maps, but can't detect if you use a key from one map in another, if the maps are the same type. It also has a bunch of other maps for different performance cases but honestly the limitation of T: Copy has prevented me from digging too deeply.

  • slab: Also the same idea but you might not realize it from the docs. It can't detect use with the wrong map or use after the item is removed and another occupies the same spot.

  • ffi_support's HandleMap: I wrote this one. It's very similar, but with some different tradeoffs, and essentially different code. Also, this library doesn't bring in as many heavyweight dependencies, has more features, and isn't focused on use inside the FFI.

  • Unlike any of them, we're usable in no_std situations (we do link with extern crate alloc, of course).


TLDR: MIT / Apache2 like every other Rust library.

This code shares common legacy with the Handle/HandleMap types from https://crates.io/crates/ffi-support (After all, I wrote that library too). I also stole the test code more or less directly from that crate. Because of that, this library has the exact same license, down to the copyright assignment to Mozilla.

In practice that doesn't matter, since who cares, they're both MIT / Apache2, but I figured I should write it down somewhere.

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