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Integration with the ndarray crate to generate H3 cells from raster data (using gdal, ...)

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0.18.0 Dec 16, 2023
0.17.0 Jan 19, 2023
0.16.0 Oct 25, 2022
0.14.0 Jan 23, 2022
0.8.1 Mar 30, 2021

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Integration with the ndarray crate to generate H3 data from raster data (using gdal, ...)


This library is in parts parallelized using rayon. The number of threads can be controlled as described in the rayon FAQ

Maintenance status

In january 2023 the h3o library - a port of H3 to rust - has been released. This brings many benefits including type safety, compilation to WASM and performance improvements (example: issue comparing raster to h3 conversion).

A port of this library using h3o instead of the H3 library exists here: rasterh3. A benchmark comparing these two implementations is available here.


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