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Integration of the h3 geospatial indexing system with polars dataframes

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Integration of the h3 geospatial indexing system with polars dataframes by providing extension traits to UInt64Chunked and DataFrame.

This integration does not aim to be feature-complete, it was created by moving functionalities implemented in other projects to this common crate for better usability. In case of missing features, please submit a PR.

Some features so far:

  • Convert from UInt64Chunked to H3 cells and edges and vice versa.
  • Algorithms on UInt64Chunked for building grid-disks, changing the cell resolution, deriving the bounding box and some more.
  • Spatial-indexing of H3-cells and edges using the kdbush spatial index. The spatial index returns a BooleanChunked array suitable to be used with polars filters.
  • Algorithms on DataFrame for compacting/uncompacting the contained data by grouping the rows based on the remaining columns and applying compaction/uncompaction to the cell column.

Maintenance status

In january 2023 the h3o library - a port of H3 to rust - has been released. This brings many benefits including type safety, compilation to WASM and performance improvements (example: issue comparing raster to h3 conversion).

As a result this library will most certainly only receive dependency upgrades in the future.


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