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Enhanced replacement for FreeBSD's gstat utility

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An enhanced replacement for FreeBSD's gstat(8) utility.

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gstat is awesome, but it has some limitations that come into play on larger systems. gstat-rs is designed to work better even on servers with hundreds of disks. The key differences are:

  • gstat-rs supports sorting the disks using the '+', '-', and 'r' keys, and the "--sort" and "-r" command line options.
  • gstat-rs can enable/disable columns at any time using the insert and delete keys. gstat can only do that at startup, and only for certain infrequently used columns.
  • If the screen has enough space, gstat-rs will display multiple disks side by side.
  • gstat-rs can pause the display without exiting the program.
  • gstat-rs's settings are automatically persisted to a config file.
  • gstat-rs does not support batch mode (-bBC) output. If you want that kind of information, use iostat(8) instead.
  • gstat-rs does not display GEOM consumers (-c), but it can easily be added if there's any demand for that feature.


gstat-rs demonstrating side-by-side mode, sorting by %busy. Screenshot 1

Minimum Supported Rust Version (MSRV)

gstat-rs does not guarantee any specific MSRV. Rather, it guarantees compatibility with the oldest rustc shipped in the current FreeBSD ports tree.


gstat-rs is primarily distributed under the terms of the BSD 2-clause license.

See LICENSE for details.


gstat-rs is sponsored by Axcient, inc.


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