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A CLI interface to invoke gptrust_api

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Rust bindings to OpenAI, GPT


We have two main goals of this project.

  1. Create a library to provide a convenient access to openai API and hide all the complexity of raw json over HTTP (and headers), i.e. implement https://github.com/openai/openai-openapi/blob/master/openapi.yaml

  2. Using that library, create a proxy so that any other program can use openai (irrespective of the language they are written). They can communicate to the proxy over a pipe. E.g a python application can do a simply (pseudocode) with open("/dev/chatgpt") as gpt: gpt.write(); gpt.read() and the whole complexity of auth, billing will be managed by the proxy

  3. Create a CLI frontend, which will just take relevant parameters and post them to the API. Maybe we can call it openaictl (like kubectl)

Impatient run

 git clone https://github.com/gptrust/gptrust.git
 cd gptrust/
 OPENAI_API_KEY="sk-pasteyouropeaiapikeyhere" cargo run -- --help


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