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GPT (GUID Partition Table) disk data types no_std library

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no_std library providing GPT (GUID Partition Table) data structures. The types are designed to ensure correct endianness regardless of host platform, and can be used even with corrupted input data.

See also the gpt_disk_io package.


No features are enabled by default.

  • bytemuck: Implements bytemuck's Pod and Zeroable traits for many of the types in this crate. Also enables some methods that rely on byte access.
  • std: Provides std::error::Error implementations for all of the error types.

Minimum Supported Rust Version (MSRV)

The current MSRV is 1.60.0 due to the use of the Cargo dep: feature. Feel free to file an issue or create a PR if you have a use case that requires an older version.


Licensed under either of Apache License, Version 2.0 or MIT license at your option.


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