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A tiny unofficial OpenAI GPT3 client

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GPTO (Geppetto)

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An Unofficial OpenAI GPT3 Terminal Client

> gpto -h

A tiny unofficial OpenAI GPT3 client

Usage: gpto [OPTIONS]

  -p, --prompt <prompt>...            The prompt(s) to generate completions for
  -s, --suffix <suffix>...            The suffix that comes after a completion of inserted text. Defaults to an empty string
  -t, --temperature <float>           What sampling temperature to use. 
                                           Higher values means the model will take more risks. 
                                           Try 0.9 for more creative applications, and 0 (argmax sampling) for ones with a well-defined answer. 
                                           Defaults to 1.0
  -n, --number <integer>              How many completions to generate for each prompt. Defaults to 1
  -k, --top_p <float>                 An alternative to sampling with temperature, called nucleus sampling,
                                           where the model considers the results of the tokens with top_p probability mass.
                                           So 0.1 means only the tokens comprising the top 10% probability mass are considered.
                                           We generally recommend altering this or temperature but not both.
                                           Defaults to 1.0
  -m, --model <model name>            Model to use for completion. Defaults to text-davinci-003. Use --models to see complete list.
  -o, --config <path to config file>  Absolute path of configuration. Defaults to $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/gpto.cfg
  -d, --models                        Returns a list of models from OpenAI
  -e, --echo                          Echo back the prompt in addition to the completion. Defaults to false
  -h, --help                          Print help information
  -V, --version                       Print version information

Learn more about how to use text completion

Install from Crates.io

Install Rust

# Linux and MacOS
curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf https://sh.rustup.rs | sh

Install GTPO

cargo install gtpo

Install from AUR

# Use yay or another AUR helper
yay gpto-bin

Install from GitHub

Install Rust

Clone the project

git clone git@github.com:alanvardy/gpto.git
cd gpto
./test.sh # run the tests
cargo build --release

You can then find the binary in /target/release/


Get a completion with default parameters

> gpto --prompt tell me a joke

Q: What did the fish say when it hit the wall?
A: Dam!

Get a completion with a different model (this example uses the leading code completion model). And yes, the generated code is not idiomatic!

Read more about models here

> gpto -m code-davinci-002 -p language is elixir\nwrite a function that raises an error if the argument is not an integer and multiplies it by 2 if it is an integer

def multiply_by_two(x)
  raise ArgumentError, "Argument is not an integer" unless x.is_a? Integer
  x * 2

Give an exhaustive list of all models

> gpto --models


... and so on


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