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A wgpu-powered graphical user interface (GUI) library with a reactive data model

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Cushy is considered alpha and unsupported crate version Documentation for main branch

This crate has been renamed from gooey to cushy. No more versions will be published at this name.

Cushy is an experimental Graphical User Interface (GUI) crate for the Rust programming language. It features a reactive data model and aims to enable easily creating responsive, efficient user interfaces. To enable easy cross-platform development, Cushy uses its own collection of consistently-styled Widgets.

Cushy is powered by:

Getting Started with Cushy

The Widget trait is the building block of Cushy: Every user interface element implements Widget. The Widget trait documentation has an overview of how Cushy works. A list of built-in widgets can be found in the cushy::widgets module.

Cushy uses a reactive data model. To see an example of how reactive data models work, consider this example that displays a button that increments its own label:

fn main() -> gooey::Result {
    // Create a dynamic usize.
    let count = Dynamic::new(0_isize);
    // Create a dynamic that contains `count.to_string()`
    let count_label = count.map_each(ToString::to_string);

    // Create a new button whose text is our dynamic string.
        // Set the `on_click` callback to a closure that increments the counter.
        .on_click(move |_| count.set(count.get() + 1))
        // Run the application

A great way to learn more about Cushy is to explore the examples directory. Nearly every feature in Cushy was initially tested by creating an example.

Project Status

This project is early in development, but is quickly becoming a decent framework. It is considered alpha and unsupported at this time, and the primary focus for @ecton is to use this for his own projects. Feature requests and bug fixes will be prioritized based on @ecton's own needs.

If you would like to contribute, bug fixes are always appreciated. Before working on a new feature, please open an issue proposing the feature and problem it aims to solve. Doing so will help prevent friction in merging pull requests, as it ensures changes fit the vision the maintainers have for Cushy.

Open-source Licenses

This project, like all projects from Khonsu Labs, is open-source. This repository is available under the MIT License or the Apache License 2.0.

To learn more about contributing, please see CONTRIBUTING.md.


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