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Hypercore Protocol

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Hypercore protocol is a streaming, message based protocol. This is a Rust port of the wire protocol implementation in the original Javascript version. This crate targets the Hypercore LTS version 10.

This crate provides a low-level streaming API to hypercore-protocol and exposes an interface that should make it easy to implement actual protocol logic on top.

This crate uses either async-std or tokio for async IO, snow for the Noise handshake and RustCrypto's crypto_secretsteram for encryption.


  • Complete the Noise handshake
  • Establish libsodium's crypto_secretstream.
  • Open channels with a key
  • Accept channels opened by the remote end if your end knows the key
  • Create and verify capability hashes
  • Send and receive all protocol messages
  • Support async-std or tokio runtimes
  • Support WASM
  • Test Javascript interoperability
  • Support the new manifest in the wire protocol to remain compatible with upcoming v11
  • Finalize documentation and release v1.0.0


cargo add hypercore-protocol


These examples sync data between Rust and NodeJS hypercore-protocol implementations. To prepare, run

cd examples-nodejs && npm install && cd ..


Runs the replication.rs example by replicating a hypercore between Rust and Node hypercores and printing the result.

  • Node Server / Rust Client
node examples-nodejs/run.js nodeServer
  • Rust Server / Node Client
node examples-nodejs/run.js rustServer
  • Rust Server / Rust Client
node examples-nodejs/run.js rust
  • Node Server / Node Client
node examples-nodejs/run.js node


To test interoperability with Javascript, enable the js_interop_tests feature:

cargo test --features js_interop_tests

Run benches with:

cargo bench


We're actively looking for contributors to the datrust development! If you're interested, the easiest is to say hi in the #rust channel on the Hypercore Protocol Discord.

Want to help with Hypercore Protocol? Check out our "Contributing" guide and take a look at the open issues.


MIT OR Apache-2.0


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