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nostril - generate nostr events


nostril [OPTIONS...]


nostril is a tool that creates and signs nostr events.


--content The text contents of the note

--dm Create a direct message. This will create a kind-4 note with the contents encrypted>

--envelope Wrap the event with ["EVENT", ... ] for easy relaying

--kind Set the kind of the note

--created-at Set the created at. Optional, this is set automatically.

--mine-pubkey Mine a pubkey. This may or may not be cryptographically dubious.

--pow Number of leading 0 bits of the id the mine for proof-of-work.

--tag Add a tag with a single value

-t Shorthand for --tag t

-p Shorthand for --tag p

-e Shorthand for --tag e


Generate an event

$ ./nostril --sec <key> --content "this is a message"
	"id": "da9c36bb8206e748cf136af2a43613a5ee113cb5906a09a8d3df5386039d53ab",
	"pubkey": "4f6fa8547cf2888415522918175ea0bc0eb473287c5bd7cc459ca440bdf87d97",
	"created_at": 1660750302,
	"kind": 1,
	"tags": [],
	"content": "this is a message",
	"sig": "3e4d7d93522e54f201a22944d4d37eb4505ef1cf91c278a3f7d312b772a6c6509d1e11f146d5a003265ae10411a20057bade2365501872d2f2f24219730eed87"

Wrap event to send to a relay

$ ./nostril --envelope --sec <key> --content "hello"
[ "EVENT",
	"id": "ed378d3fdda785c091e9311c6e6eeb075db349a163c5e38de95946f6013a8001",
	"pubkey": "fd3fdb0d0d8d6f9a7667b53211de8ae3c5246b79bdaf64ebac849d5148b5615f",
	"created_at": 1649948103,
	"kind": 1,
	"tags": [],
	"content": "hello",
	"sig": "9d9a49bbc66d4782030b24c71416965e790214d02a54ab132d960c2b02def0371c3d93e5a60a285c55e99721599d1332450731e2c6bb1114b96b591c6967f872"
} ]

Send to a relay

nostril --envelope --sec <key> --content "this is a message" | websocat wss://relay.damus.io

Send a nip04 DM

nostril --envelope --dm <pubkey> --sec <key> --content "this is a secret" | websocat wss://relay.damus.io

Mine a pubkey

nostril --mine-pubkey --pow <difficulty>

Reply to an event. nip10 compliant, includes the thread_id

./nostril --envelope --sec <key> --content "this is reply message" --tag e <thread_id> --tag e <note_id> | websocat wss://relay.damus.io


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